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Membership Options

We offer two membership categories: Boutique and Corporate. Boutique membership is tailored for mid-tier advisory firms, while Corporate membership is designed for large, international companies. To ensure an optimal experience for our members, evening conferences are limited to 75 guests and Global Leader Meetings to 12 participants. To maintain exclusivity and uphold the quality of our membership, our rigorous selection process includes a city-specific membership cap.

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Global Leader Meetings
Transferable Access
CHF 7,500 + VAT
per year
CHF 50,000 + VAT
per year

Corporate Membership Criteria

The Asia Leaders Series Corporate Membership is designed for senior decision-makers at large, international companies operating in Europe and Asia.

  • Board members or owners
  • Large, international companies
  • Max. 20 corporate members per city
  • Max. 30% service companies