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No Media, No Sponsors

We have 3 meeting formats, all of-which are designed to facilitate dialoque among influential leaders in Europe and Asia. To maintain neutrality and ensure a balance of perspectives, we have no sponsors and all meetings are held off the record.

12 Participants
No media, No sponsors

Global Leader Meetings

Quarterly in Zurich

Global Leader Meetings are for a maximum of 12 participants, including one quest speaker from Asia and a leader of a similar stature from Europe. The two hour discussion is moderated to ensure the active involvement of all members. This Format is available to Corporate Members.

No sponsors

Hybrid Briefing


Hybrid briefings are held twice per year and involve a small number of global leaders from Europe and Asia who engage in an open discussion on geopolitics and the global economy. This format is reserved for Corporate Members. Recordings are also published on AsiaSeries Insights for on-demand access.

By invitation
75 Participants

Evening Conference

Bi-Annually in Zurich

Evening conferences take place twice per year in Zurich and are limited to 75 participants. Leaders from Europe and Asia are interviewed on-stage, which is then followed by a live Q&A and a high-level networking reception.