Hong Kong's Three Major Crises
Bernard Chan, President of Asia Insurance

Bernard Chan on the 3 major crisis that Hong Kong is facing today.

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Hong Kong - The Inevitable Future?
Bernard Chan, President of Asia Insurance

Should Hong Kong citizens accept the reality of an inevitable integration into China by 2047? Bernard Chan on Hong Kong's future.

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Japan's Perception of China
Sachio Semmoto, Co-Founder of DDI (KDDI Corporation)

Can Chinese & Japanese business interests co-exist in the face of Anti-Chinese sentiment in Japan? Dr Semmoto's rational observations.

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Do We Need Banks in the Future?
Piyush Gupta, CEO of DBS Bank

In the face of Technology disruptions, what is the future of the bank? Piyush Gupta looks into the Crystal ball.

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Huawei USA Ban
Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman of Huawei

What is the impact of the ban on Huawei by the USA? Ken Hu's take.

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