NATO expansion and Putin's rise
Sir Tony Brenton, Former British Ambassador to Russia

Sir Tony Brenton sheds light on how the NATO expanded in the past few decades in Europe.

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Vision for the next half century
Dr. Gerard Lyons, UK Board Member at the Bank of China. Former Advisor to Boris Johnson

Beatrice Weder di Mauro poses the question to the Speakers: 'What is your vision for the next half century?

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G7: Political incompetence
Rajat Garg, Member of Executive Board & CEO Developed Markets Region, Habib Bank AG Zurich

Rajat Garg, Habib Bank (audience) talks about the lack of political competence in the G7 that could potentially provide Asia with the opportunity to an 'Asian Century'

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What is holding BRICs back?
Lord Jim O'Neill, Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Lord Jim O'Neill provides his views on why the BRICs have not met economic expectations

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Hong Kong's financial dominance?
Prof. Dr. Jordi Gual, Executive Chairman at VidaCaixa and Professor of Economics at IESE

Dr Jordi Gual speaks about Hong Kong's influence as a financial hub

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