“When Trade Stops, War Starts”, Jack Ma.

Through a regular series of private meetings between top leaders in Asia, and their counterparts in Europe, we are able to address common misconceptions, facilitate dialogue, and establish important new relationships that bring us closer to building a more inclusive, collaborative world.

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Small Meetings with Big Purpose

Bridging the divide between the East and West


Through the diligent moderating of discussions among top leaders of diverse backgrounds, we strive to address misconceptions and identify common ground in the values and beliefs that unite us.


Our mission is to bring leaders who see the world differently together to share experiences, and to learn from one another. By temporarily putting our differences aside, we are able to uncover the depth of one another's worlds.


Trust is not something that emerges in one evening. It takes time to alleveate fear and reveal values, beliefs and purpose. By bringing leaders together in a safe, and open environment, we feed into what is inevitably a long-term endeavour.

Leaders who Make a Difference

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw always says: "a blockbuster drug is about a billion patients, not a billion dollars".

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has built India's largest Biotech company, Biocon.

Leaders who Inspire

A sound idea which is communicated with clarity and purpose to an attentive audience of leaders - can change the world.

Narayana Murthy founded Infosys in 1981, today employing over 200,000 people worldwide.

Leaders who Think Big

A big country, with a big population is bound to find big solutions to big problems.

Ken Hu is the Deputy Chairman of Huawei, the world’s largest telecom company.

Hong Kong

Understanding how leaders in Asia think...

As China surpasses the USA as the world’s largest economy, and Asia as a region grows in prosperity and prominence on the world-stage, leaders in the West are challenged to understand Asia in all its diversity and complexity.

Exclusive gatherings of top leaders between Europe and Asia

Meetings where pioneers from Asia come into direct contact with leaders in Europe, to share ideas, broaden minds, and esablish trust. Our intention is to encourage an increase in the flows of capital between the two regions, and draw attention to pressing world issues.

Chairman of the Louis-Dreyfus Company

President of Asia Insurance

Co-Founder of DDI (now KDDI Corporation)

Veteran CFO and Board Member of Infosys


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