Asia Leaders Series®


London, UK
Event speaker
Jane Sun
CEO, Group

Executive Lunch

In this exclusive meeting, Jane Sun, CEO of Group, brings her profound insights to a carefully selected group of global business leaders in London, co-chaired by Sir Martin Sorrell. In this session, we unveil Ms. Sun’s extensive experience in running a truly international publicly listed Chinese company. The discussion will explore the shifting dynamics of consumer behavior in Asia, and the strategic approach to navigating geopolitical challenges.


An Asia Leaders Series private lunch is a quarterly meeting for a maximum of 12 participants, including one guest speaker from Asia and a prominent business leader from Europe. The two hour discussion is moderated to provide a balance of perspectives.

11:00 - Guest Arrival
11:30 - Introductions
11:45 - Moderated Discussion
12:30 - Lunch Served
13:30 - Session End & Networking
14:00 - Close